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Mulching of Beds


LawnSite Senior Member
Just wondering how and how much you guys are charging for the mulching of beds...by the sq. ft.? Has anyone come up with a quick reference table or chart....Example 750 sq. ft.of bed at 3 inches deep you will need x yards.Up north I could buy shredded hard wood for about $20.00 a yard.More offten than not I find myself a little short or too much.How many sq.ft. of coverage do you get with a yard? THANKS


There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. A yard of mulch will cover 27 square feet spread one foot thick. A yard will cover 54 square feet spread 6 inches thick, and a yard will cover 108 square feet spread 3 inches thick. So for the example, you would need 6.9444444444 yards of mulch to cover a 750 squate foot bed. <p>My truck bed measures out at 7 yards. However when I go to the supply yard and say fill 'er up, they can only get 5 yards in. The loading process is not an exact science. <p>As far as what to charge, I base each yard on about 1.5 manhours. This is for material and labor. This works out to about $52.50 per yard installed. I figure $17.50 for material and $35 for labor. <p>I base my time on an average of one hour per yard. I can often beat this time, sometimes the matrial does not have to be moved far, or can be spread directly from the truck/pile. On the other hand, sometimes I take longer, if I have to go up/down a hill, or have to move the mulch far.<p>I do not just say $50 per yard to the customer, or in my figuring. I usually give the customer the bottom line, and that is it. They don't really seem to care how much material or time it will take, only the bottom line. I do not use in my own estimating a dollar amount, as you are prone to leave it the same year after year, and not update it. If you use production hours, you are using yout current labor rate, which you are more likely to keep current.<p>I am sure that Phil can explain this estimating method a little better than I can.


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
I just run the numbers and round up to the nearest yard. I charge by the yard, installed, add extra if the beds arent near the dumping spot. If I can back up to the beds, cedar mulch I charge $60/yard. Cost me $16.50/yard, I pre-pay for quantity and pick it up as I need it they mark my slip when I get it. Dont bother with hardwood mulch, its shredded pallets and building debris, looks lousy too. Im not a fan of the orange-painted chipped pallet junk either, the stuff you see in front of gas stations and donut shops.<p>Bill


LawnSite Platinum Member
Central Florida
Man, mulch is one of the things I dislike doing. In central Florida you get absolutely no break on mulch prices versus what a homeowner pays. It is one of the few things I can't get a deal on. As far as the labor charge, there is no way I could charge someone $300 to put down 6 yards of mulch. The customer would never pay that, they would go elsewhere.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I charge between $65-$75 per yard delivered and spread. In my area (MA) we have different grades of mulch that run in price from $22-$35 per yard.<br>Chris


LawnSite Bronze Member
South Bend, IN
JRB: I have a chart of volumes calculated for various depths & areas. Set it up years ago because of the hassle you mentioned. If you or anyone else would like a copy, just e-mail me and I can send you one. I can copy it from my spreadsheet to a simple notepad document for you.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN


LawnSite Bronze Member
We have 110 yd. truckloads delivered at a time. Around 9.00/yard, I think. Normally get $50-70.00/yd. to put it down, depending on job & bed detail


LawnSite Senior Member
West Haven, CT
We deliver and spread mulch all of the time from our nursery. Usually time and materials is the way medium sized jobs work out. We figure the hours and the volume of mulch, then add it, and like a previous post, give the bottom line. This allows us to adjust for delivery, proximity of the job to the truck, hills, wheelbarrow work or loader, etc. Sometimes you need to add for removal of old material. You shouldn't put the mulch too thick (3&quot;-4&quot; is adequate). For industrial jobs, or condos, they get a per yard price. Maybe 55-60 per yard for bulk mulch (hardwood and pine - no pallets), more for Cedar, Red Cedar, or Hemlock, all of which we stock in our yard. During the winter, we mulch embankments and industrial sites with wood chips from our stockpile. The materials cost is nothing, so we just figure on the labor plus trucking and loading time. <p>By the way - Bill - not all hardwood mulch is recycled like the pallets and stuff. We have a nice hardwood blend with pine in it that we sell a lot of. Very clean, lasts the season, and stays brown. Where do you get 100% cedar for 16.50 per yard? We sell it wholesale for 23.50 picked up, and our price seems to be competetive down here in New Haven.<p><p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply - http://members.aol.com/slsnursery<br>Ivy League Landscaping - http://members.aol.com/scagrider<br>
Hey Lazer you have a 110 yards drop off at one time from one truck ? Wow most times when you get a truck load you get between 75 to 85 yards of mulch do to weight laws and so forth. As far as all hardwood mulch not all is reclyced those that are pallets and so forth are the colored mulches for the most part. Here the red died mulch is a hugh seller last year I sold around 150 yards of it. I perfer to sell it no smell charge more for it. People like the look.