Mulching of Beds

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jrblawncare, Jan 12, 2000.

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    Do you guys have any or know anyone who may have some type of brochures about mulching, the benifits of it and stuff? I would like to send it in my clients next billing cycle. I know you may have to change the business address part and other stuff as well. Any info. will be great.<p>Thanks.
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    I know Exmark makes a flyer. Also the Professional Lawn Care Association.
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    We have gone to subbing our mulch work to firms with the mulch blowers. It costs us about 42$ dollars installed with material and we charge 55-60$. Good margin for doing no work.<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
  4. CGS,<br>Check with your extension service. They should have some info on mulching. I know our local office does. <br>I sure wish we could charge our customers what some of you guys are getting to put down mulch. There are too many small guys around here cutting our throats on price. I can get $25 / yd delivered plus labor to put down. generally bid material plus labor one price. <br>Alot of the bottom feeders buy low quality mulch and don't charge much for it. Hurt's the rest of us. <br> <p>Richard <br>Davis Total Lawn Care<br>
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    Thanks TLC, I will ask next time I'm around. I've seen literature on other products, but I will take the extra effort to ask.

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