Mulching or discharging? What's your preference?


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Yesterday, I setup delivery for an Exmark Turf Tracer HP (48" / 17HP Kaw. Hydro) and added the micro mulch kit for mulching. I asked them to go ahead and install the micro mulch kit because I feel I will use this more in my residential use. What are your thoughts of mulching vs. discharging? Do you do both and if so, which is your machine setup primarily to do? Also, anyone know how well an Exmark walk behind performs as a mulcher?


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I don't like a machine that is dedicated to one thing very well. I never knew hao convenient the Dixie Chopper's operator controlled discharge chute was until I owned one ( now 2 ) I have a Scag that was either or and I found myself unbolting the mulch plate and bolting it back on, very time consuming when the suns on the way down! I guess it would make a difference as to where you were cutting and what conditions you were cutting in. Down here we have bahai grass that will kill you if you have to slow down too much to mulch it. I can run over it with the chute closed the first time and then back over it to disperse the clippings and never leave the seat. I know, sounds like another plug for the Choppers but until you try one in real world conditions, you can't be too judgemental!<p><br>Homer


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We almost always use some sort of mulching system. It really helps with clippings if the grass is too long to mulch we can quickly disable our mulch system on our excel 260K but our walk behinds require alot more work. <p>Mulching or not really depends on what and where you are cutting. We find it works great for us, might not for you, it really depends on the site.


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I agree Kutters.<p>We mulch only in the fall. We mulch all our fall leaves right into the turf. Works awesome.<p>I our market nobody bags clippings. Trac Vacs are mounted in the spring for spring clean-up and the first cutting. Otherwise all discharge.


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Just curious, is bagging an unpopular option<br>in the States?Over here nearly every job<br>the grass is caught.It seems people in the<br>States have a dislike of bagging.Maybe I'm<br>wrong.


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I live in the States and almost if not all my jobs are bagged. Customers prefer it and it saves time from blowing it off the mulched beds, clumps on lawn, walkways and driveways. I have tried not bagging and found it took much longer to clean up afterwards.


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Not many companies here bag. Most of the yards are too large. Mulching is really catching on as a way to fertalize the yards and not to fill up the landfills. Some neighborhoods do though. When I cut I try whenever possible not to aim the shoot toward beds or driveways. I cut it at the right height not to make a mess. I guess alot of people around here might want to have their leaves bagged. They just don't want to pay extra to have it done.