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Mulching or Leaf Blades

B&K LawnCare

LawnSite Member
I own a JD 737 54" and I am doing alot of fall clean up's I was wondering if there are blades that pick up the leafs and mulch them better than the startdard blades. If so what are they and were do you buy them.

The Captain

LawnSite Senior Member
Metro St.Louis
Gators or Magnums. Check with your dealer or (not meaning to step on any toes) go to eBay for stores that handle them.

The Captain


LawnSite Bronze Member
O'Fallon, Mo.
good luck mulching with a stamp deck or picking them up . not very good results in my opinion.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Meg-Mo said:
Put the MEG MO blades on your JD and you will cut your time in more then 1/2.

While they do work great on leaves on the 7Iron deck. I have had excellent results with Gators and double high lifts too on the 7 iron decks.