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mulching plate with gators or no???


LawnSite Senior Member
baltimore, md
I have gators on my 32" scag w/b, they work very nice but still throw many clippings across yard to later be cut. Should i put on a mulching plate or no? Any of you use mulching plates if so do you like them????


LawnSite Platinum Member
Give it a try and see what happens. I have a discharge plate for my Grasshopper that I use in tight areas. Other wise I just let the grass fly!

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LawnSite Bronze Member
If you are talking about just covering the discharge chute, I tried this and the grass was wet with dew, with a pretty god cover of leaves and it did ok but at the chute it would leave a pile of mulched leaves. I did not like results took it off and am putting mulching kit on.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Sacramento CA
Just put a mulch kit on my eXmark and gator blades. The leaves are falling and it does a good job on them. My only dislike is along walks and drives the deck lets out some debris. Saves alot more time than bagging.