Mulching plates on a Scag

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RD 12, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. RD 12

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    I have a scag W/61 velocity deck. How much of the clippings are left behind W/ a mulching kit and all the bafflers installed? I run it right now W/just the side discharge plate and it leaves a clippings and is dusty as all can be.
  2. JShe8918

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    I'm very intrested as well. Hope we get some replies on the matter.
  3. ed2hess

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    I don't have the kit on and do have the outlet blocked and like you say it is blowing a lot out....very dusty. The baffle is set in the middle slots so I am going to drop it all the way down to see if it makes a difference. I would be afraid that if I put the full kit on it would load down the unit.
  4. RD 12

    RD 12 LawnSite Member
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    It's a question I asked before, but no one had an answer. I cut baseball and football fields and like the cut. But before I spend the money for the extra baffels I would like to hear some input.
  5. Audrey

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    I've do/done it with just the plate.
    It works very well with the older Advantage deck as long as you keep grass mulching limitations in mind. It works great with leaves too. (23hp/52")

    However, as much as I really like the newer Velocity deck, I can't get away with just using the block off plate. (35hp/61")
    I posted a few photos a while back. I'll see if I still have them somewhere.

    There's simply just too much airflow and it's shoving everything to the discharge. It leaves a big ol' slime trail even with ideal conditions and cut height. I mainly used the mulch plate for leaves, and geez it's enough to choke you. On areas where the grass is not thick and lush, it's really bad. That's mowing conditions though, it's not the machine's fault.

    In the end, I have a lovely $72 orange wall decoration because 1) I had to try it and 2) I'm not springing for the kit as I don't mulch regularly. I stick with the side discharge and make use of 12 MPH back and forth.

    IMHO, we're trying to get away with something with just the plate and not the whole kit. We could with the Advantage, but not now. Scag did a great job with airflow and clipping dispersal. IMO, that right there is the reason we aren't getting a free lunch this time around. The deck pushes some serious air. They make a kit to do what we're asking. If you/we/me want it to do the job... pony up. :laugh:

  6. bigclawn

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    Extremely well said!!
  7. ed2hess

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    So what do you think....put on the rest of the kit for year round mowing? I am running 25HP on 61" deck doing southern grasses. The blow out with plate on outlet may be just too much to take long term. I wore tight glasses with wraparounds and dust mask and still got stuff in my eyes.
  8. Audrey

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    My opinion (ain't worth much) is you're underpowered. I have a 23hp on a 52" deck and it bogs with little effort. It's a pooch in the tough stuff. I wish I had 30hp. :weightlifter:

    Two things: If you cut in dry ideal conditions, and take a modest amount of cut with the mulch kit, you should be okay. If it's wet or tall, as with any mower, it's bog down time in Clump City.

    By adding the complete kit, it separates the blades into compartments. Think about it. That will eliminate two thirds of the volume of the air and grass mix from reaching the discharge block off plate. This will eliminate the "slime trail" from the block off plate when used alone.

    It's your call as to whether it's worth the money for the full kit. For me personally, no. But my case may be different. IIRC, it's around $200+. Try it and see. It will stop the pile up you are seeing now. As far as coming out the front, well, experiment with the baffle. Also remember that when you cut on a surface that is lower than the bottom edge of the deck, it's going to blow out. It will also blow out if the turf isn't as thick as in other areas you mow. This happens with every mower. It's more pronounced with the new Scags as they move massive amounts of air. Which, is a good thing...

    Do you mulch enough to get the use from the kit? $200 is nothing compared to what you have into the machine and your business.

    Have you also noticed that the new deck doesn't cut as well in reverse? It also leaves big clumps for me. I still wouldn't trade it for the older design though! :)

    Happy Camper,

    A :usflag:

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