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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DTM65, Jul 27, 2000.

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    OK, there's been alot of discussion on this forum about mulching versus not mulching and blade set-ups to use when mulching.<p>Based on your great advice from this forum, I bought some high-lift blades for my Scag Turf Tiger 61&quot; this spring and they make for a great cut. My question is, for those of you that say you mulch, who of you are using mulching plates (or keeping your OCDC wat-ch-ma-call-it down) versus just using gators and/or double blades and discharging out the side?<p>Are there times of the year that you use a mulching plate and times that you don't?<p>Thanks in advance for the input!<p><p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>
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    Hey Tom, I modified my side chute for my Walker so I could flip it up or down. I generaly run it down for the first cut. Then lift it on the second cut. I also run the Walker double mulching blades. In south Fla, double cutting is pretty much the rule if your aiming for quality.<p>----------<br>Yesteryear L/S<br>Hollywood Fla
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    I have the same mowers you got, I run the mulching plate all the time in Fla. I wouldn't run double blades on your mowers, because of the drive shaft and gear box for the deck. It's just to weight to get those blades moven't, too much on PTO , drive shaft and gear box, there weren't tested to do doubles blades. It also increses spindle temp. causesing grease to break down faster.<p>I know that putting that mulching plate slows you down big time, they really did a poor job of designing the deck, it wasn't really made to mulch.<br>But its build like a tank and takes one hell of a beating, thats what i like about it.<br>Just remember, don't do the double blades!!!<br>Hope this helps.

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