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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stinky, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. Stinky

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    Have a customer wanting beds mulched. Total area of all beds is 2,900 sf. All the numbers I have run seem too high or too low. My price for one cuyd of mulch is $15.00. Any help would be well appreciated. Thanks
  2. Scraper

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    I charge $75-85 a yard installed. If you can get it down there great. That would include all edging. If a cleanup is necessary then that would be extra. Try searching for more threads...there have been many similar in the last few weeks. You'll need about 18 yards to do a 2" depth for a total of $1165 @ $65/yard installed.

    Think I did the math right...if not, someone please let me know....;)

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  3. kutnkru

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    Here is a calculator that you can use in figuring mulch, topsoil, concrete etc. The link is from the ELMLawnsite lawnsite links page.

    If you take your cost and mark it up 100% that would give you $30/yd. If your labor rate was $35, then you would market your mulch at $65/yd.

    Based on this guesstimative figure, I would have bid your job as follows:

    For replenishing composted mulch:$910.00
    2900/sf(1.5 in.thick) = 14/yds @ $65/yd = $910
    for installing new mulch:$1755.00
    2900/sf(3 in.thick) = 27/yds @ $65/yd = $1755

    Good Luck this season!

  4. joshua

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    both kris and scaper, have pricing relatively close, it depends on how much mulch you use , if the beds are new and how deep you want to lay the mulch. i wouldn't lay it thicker than 2 inches in a old bed and 4 in a new bed.
  5. dmk395

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    from Ma
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    Geez you guys really put down some mulch. For people who I mulch every year I try and only put down an inch, as with years and years of mulch its tough to plant anything after the fact. Newer mulch beds I usually put down anywhere from 2-3 inches.
  6. Scraper

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    DMK...more mulch = more $$$. ;) But seriously...I will usually put down 1-2 inches on existing beds and have found that most has completely decomposed by the next season. New beds will get no more than 3 inches. I use triple ground hardwood so it's rate of decomposition is much faster than other mulches. I hear you on the buildup of old mulch, but I have not had a problem with my properties that I've been maintaining. It is when I pick up a new account that has been mulched by another LCO that I have problems. Usually end up having to haul away mulch so I can get the new stuff down.
  7. joshua

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    i said 2 because i know that most people don't want it every year, there cheap up here at times, and a new bed at 4 because i can just over turn it the next year and it will look like new. shows how cheap they are that they would want that.
  8. Southern Lawns

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    recently picked a new account and am facing the same issue of removing all the old mulch (I guess get the top layer off) and haul it off. Replace with new mulch. My question is: how did you charge for the removal and am I correct in thinking it best to just skim the top layer to minimize hauling too much debris? From what the customer says he wants this done every spring.Forgive me for being so inept but when measuring the beds for application do you use a wheel and take your measurments as you would a lawn or do you pace it off and sort of guestimate? Thanks,
  9. jonspolaris

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    doesent the type of mulch have to do with the price of it?? like if u use pine bark, cypress,or hardwood bark mulch.

    do u guys let the customer pick what kind of mulch they want or just mulch it with any mulch??

  10. Greenkeepers

    Greenkeepers LawnSite Senior Member
    from NE Ohio
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    We usually get around $55-60 a yard here, depending on the application.. Our customers always pick their mulch, no pine needles here..

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