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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by By Us Company, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. By Us Company

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    I have a few crews averaging different mulching rates. Does anybody calculate there average man hours per yard of mulch applied after there jobs are complete? Including minor bed prep and edging my crews have been anywhere from 1 to 3 man hours per yard installed. I know sometimes it might be site conditions but I also think I might need to switch some guys around. Any insight?
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  2. coxslawncare

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    I can do around 2 yards per hour by myself. Me and a helper spread 16 yards in 4 hours earlier this week and have been able to move large piles of mulch like this in the past. Alot of it comes down to accesibility to the beds and how much prep work is needed, but I would want to see a 2 man crew averaging at least 3 yards of mulch per hour
  3. By Us Company

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    Does this include any weeding, bed prep or edging?
  4. hackitdown

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    It is all about the prep. I have not been able to set a man/hr production rate on prep since every job is different. What you call minor prep and edging is the whole deal. The mulch is gravy.

    Today, my helper and I prepped, edged and weeded beds, and installed 6 yards of mulch in 5 hours. We worked very fast and very hard, no breaks or down time. The beds were in really bad shape, never edged before, turf to be removed, leaves, roots, branches, a real mess. So we spent 3+ hours on the prep. Less than 2 on the mulch.

    So that is about .66 man/hrs per yd (mulch only). Or if minor prep and mulch is bundled together, you would say we spent 10 man/hrs on the job for 6 yards, almost 1.5 man/hrs per yard. A huge variance.
  5. JMathieu

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    Are you spreading by hand or with the help of machinery?
  6. minix

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    No machinery can spread like a human hand.
  7. By Us Company

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    Most edging by machine, some by hand. Most finishing by hand but transport of mulch by either wheelbarrow, tool cat or skid steer. Larger jobs we use a loader. I understand the slow production rates are mostly due to tougher edging and bed prep jobs. Laying the mulch is not an issue. Just looking for information on other peoples crews for comparison purposes.

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