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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RobinsonLawns, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. RobinsonLawns

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    I am putting together my final bid on an apartment complex, here are the specs.

    -8 cubic yards of mulch needed

    -140 small shrubs to be pruned

    As of now i have my estimates like this:
    Mulching @ 8 cubic yards ($35.99 per cu. yd.)= $288
    Labor= 100%($288) + 25% of 288x2($576)= $144 = $432
    Total= $720

    Small Shrub Pruning @ 140 shurbs:
    $50 per man hour

    Do you guys think this is a relatively fair bid? Im in my second full year as an LCO, any comments or suggestions are welcome!
  2. familylc

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    What is your 100% in labor? Per man etc
  3. Paradise Landscapes

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    It looks like he's charging $288.00 plus another 288 which is 576.00 then multiplies the 25% Just to apply mulch, which is 32.00 per yd labor.(w/o 25%)

    then turns arround and wants to charge 50.00 per man hour for pruning the shrubs.

    In my opinion, forget the 288.00 (32.00 per yd labor). Just charge 50.00 man-per-hour rate plus materials. But, adding a delivery fee, and for mulch delivery, plus tax at the end of the total.

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