Mulching Remulching cost per yard including labor:

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Coumbe, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Coumbe

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    Mulching Remulching cost per yard including labor: What should I charge the customer I can get it at $22.00 per yard???????
  2. scott's turf

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    I try to get about $100/yd for the small jobs (1-4 yds). The 5-10 around $75 and over 10 around $60/yd. Now this totally depends on the layout of the yard. For the big mulch jobs to be less per yard they must have big open areas that are easy to spread and access. Hope this helps a bit. The goal for me is around $50-$60/hr. Equipment cost for mulching is low but the labor is high.
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    Pricing just by the yard can be a losing task. You have to figure your total time to load the truck get the mulch,cleanup get back to the shop. mark the mulch up to retail and chagre your labor rate for the total time.

    20min to load, 20 min to the job, 4 yards =4 man hrs, 20 mintues to clean up, 20 min back to the shop. That 1hr 20 min for 2 men plus the 4 man hrs for the mulch total 6.75 maam hrs. at $40 per hr.+mulch= 270 labor+ 90mulch =$360 for 4 yards or $90per yard. so the $100 per yard is on the mark.

    If your not chagring that much you may not be making money on mulching. we do about 1400yards per year so i know alittle bit about this.
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    Regional difference are going to apply.. I would starve my kid at $100 per yard. $60 per yard is about max around here unless there is a long haul involved. They are getting $35-45 per yard blown in around here but selection is very limited..

    $22 per yard for material seems very high at wholesale. I pay $12-15 depending on what I get, but I am not sure of the product you are getting.

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