Mulching techniques

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rescuedlawn, May 7, 2014.

  1. recycledsole

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    I can dump the load and spread it in less than a minute from dump time. You cant throw it that fast. THe only time I throw it is when there are dense flowers and no room to dump the wheelbarrow.

    I also wanted to mention to buy a manure shovel - almost like a snow shovel. you can pick up a whole cubic foot of mulch at once and load it and its by far the fastest way to load the wheelbarrow.
  2. caseysmowing

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    X2. I think it's considered a grain shovel but I could be wrong. I also use a gravel rake to rake it in wheel barrels. I also like t
    a potatoe rake. I think that's what it's called. 4-5 6in long tines.
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  3. E-mans Hardscapes

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    Dump wheelies and spread with a hard rake. Then like others have said take a leaf rake upside down and rake it. Don't be afraid to really get the rake swinging. Almost like your raking leaves.
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  4. Think Green

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    All depending on the distance to faucets, I will hose down the mulch after installation. Give it a dousing with water to knock out the air pockets and the material will reduce down to a flat appearance also.
    Not every landscape has access to a close hose and water. So, otherwise a rake turned over does the greatest in open beds. Tight fitted beds with lots of groundcover and annuals, the wax on wax off motion will blanket spread the mulch.
  5. Pressedun

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    Yeah, coal shovel, same difference, great tool.
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  6. Pressedun

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    Agreed, I only throw it in dense flowers or within some ground cover. Occasionally in shrubbery if it's not able to be reached.
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  7. recycledsole

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    from MD
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    mulching is definitely one of my favorite jobs
  8. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    You're a sicko, sir.
  9. gardiner

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    True it gives it a great finish spreading mulch by hand .and easier to train a new guy . but my back could not take it any more . I found it easier on my back. usin a pitch fork the same way i throw by hand. follow up with the back side of the leaf rake to smooth out . followed up with a hard rake to tamp the edges in .
  10. jonnyz37

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    there is no way you can hand throw mulch down as fast as dumping a wheel barrel and then spreading by hand or rake or even shoveling mulch into place directly from the trailer. I only hand "sprinkle" into dense flower areas. Otherwise is mass amounts and then hand raking into place. Wax on wax off is close to my method as mentioned above.

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