Mulching VS Bagging

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigpappaab, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Mulch or side discharge all day, added a ocdc to my 60 this past summer, I didnt know there worth till i got one! my 52 will be getting one this summer...... I never bag, once i educate the customer on how good the mulching is for their lawn, they say ok, your the professional
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    see i had a 52" exmark tthp a couple years back that i got the mulch kit for and whenever i turned right it left a clump of grass. didn't matter if the blades were sharp, dull, gator, high lift, mulching, or if the grass was wet, dry, regular growth or heavy growth.

    i took it to the dealer and he took it for a spin around there property and it did the same thing. they checked my installation of the mulch kit and its exactly how they install them for people. no one could figure it. by that time i was strictly using the mulching blades from exmark.

    so i gave up. took it off and i will never get another mulching kit for any mower again.

    i do have one for my 36" exmark metro that works just fine. but i only use that on a few backyards i can't get my 52" grandstand through the gate.

    everything is side discharged unless the client requests bagging or the growth is more than the normal. and the clients pay extra for it as well.
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    Lots of good info here. Thanks alot.
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    Bagging is such a waste. nitrogen taking away esposed soil to the beating down sun less moisture retention. Its absured. Bags should be illegal
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    I mulch only, don't even own a mower with a bagger anymore, got rid of it last year. I can make my yards look as good mulching them as bagging.
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    I bag the first couple cuts of the year to get up all the thatch and debris (mostly centipede around here) but other than that only when the leaves are too thick where i have to cut them up 3x to make it look decent. If the client wants bagging I will gladly do it if they have a place to dump on site for an extra fee.. If I have to haul away a bunch of bags of clippings it"s $5 per bag that I take away. Other than that keep the free fert on the lawn!
  7. bagging is non-existent in florida. I mulch now. Used to side discharge with gators.

    People have made the debate of having to double cut when mulching. I have found that in the thick of summer, you have to double cut either way on a healthty lawn. The only PITA with mulching is the blowout from under the deck. However, when side discharging you can get tons of clippings in beds. There is a cost and payoff to everything.
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    side discharge

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