mulching vs side discharge

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rvldesign, Apr 21, 2013.

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    I'm thinking about buying mulch kits for my walk behind and my ztr but they're not cheap and I know this time of the year the growth is just too much for a mulch kit to work. In the summer it'll be a decent option since growth will slow down.
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    You very rarely see anybody mulch around here. Most of our fescue lawns grow like a weed in the spring (4 to 6" a week). For example I have to cut my own 2 acre lawn twice a week in the spring and even then I still have a few spots I have to double back over to clean it up. If I cut it once a week I would leave so much debris on the top that double and triple cutting it would not be able to make the debris disappear into the turf (ask me how I know). Out of our 70 something lawns my lawn grows better and is thicker than any of our customers lawns. If you tried to mulch here you would be out day light to dark to get done what we get done by 1 or 2pm.
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    I'm also cutting bermuda, zoysia, and some centipede. Is there much of a difference between a real mulch kit and just the mulch plate? Will there be a line of clumped grass right behind the plate while I cut from the grass being thrown all to the right side of the mower or will I be ok? I'll also have mulch blades on the mower
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    We mulch everything here all year long and have had no problems with our dedicated mulching machines however we switched to deere 950s with the MOD 2 years ago and had the worst season that I can remember those machines had cut quality issues and the dealer tried everything to fix it and could not do it so they talked to one of the engineers who designed the 900 series and he said he does not and would not recommend MOD for any high volume commercial application he stated that they were under a lot of pressure to develop the MOD and it has not lived up to expectations for us these machines did nothing good side discharge or mulching. Last year we switched to exmark with mulch kits and cut quality is perfect with little to no noticed speed changes over side discharge. I was sold on he idea of MOD but the results were terrible
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    I will change my direction and way of mowing to live with less grass in the face. For me I am not in that big of a hurry to eat more grass.
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    Don't worry I do same thing. I don't mind eating some grass but on my long runs I rather not.
    I never mow same way twice in same month unless wind is blowing.
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    I can't comment on your own experiences, but I have a Z950 with the 60" MOD and so do several other guys here. None of us have had the problems you are talking about. Mine cuts and discharges great. In the closed position, it mulches like a true mulch kit, but I did make two new under deck baffles to replace the ones that came with it as standard. I'm talking about the two removeable baffles, one between each blade. The ones I made are longer front to rear, and close off each cuttting chamber almost completely unlike the stock baffles. I also use OEM wavy mulchers. I can side discharge or mulch with them and do it at normal speed too.

    The MOD wasn't rushed to market. Your dealer was giving you second hand BS, and is full of chit there. It has been out in the same basic design for quite a few years now. Far, far too many commercial cutters use it and like it for there to be a "problem" with it. Just my .02.
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    So what do you do with the clippings if the grass is tall and thick and you side discharge? Do you blow the lawn off of just leave the clippings where they land and hope the wind takes care of the rest?
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    I side discharge and if the grass is long its lays where it falls. If the customer comments about it I'll explain why and offer to either double cut or reduce the number of days between service. Most of the time its " hmm let me think about it"

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