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mulching with bac vac

NH Lawn Snob

LawnSite Member
Windham, NH
I currently have a super-z with the 52" deck and the bac vac. I am considering going to an organic feeding program and want to mulch to take advantage of the added nitrogen from the clippings. I know I can go out and buy a mulch kit, however I would like to have the option of switching between the vac system and mulching with relative ease.

Is this a situation where a quik chute would provide what I need? Any suggestions.


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
The issue you have to work with is with the mulch kit there are 3 baffles that bolt into the deck.
1 at the discharge opening and 2 under the deck (1 between each blade)
They would need to be unbolted and removed.



LawnSite Senior Member
upstate SC
The bolts on my mulch kit come out under one of the pullys. so it never went on. I use the side plate with the blow out kit and workes well.