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  1. landscaper

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    i i have to submit a estimate to one of my costomers to mulch. they need about 7 yards of mulch and i need to re edge the beds.... what do you think is a good price?
  2. eagle lawn services

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    Our company charges $40 per cubic yard bought, delivered, and installed for cypress and pine bark mulch. We buy it bulk at $15 to $16 per yard. Preperation is at $50 per hour for a two man crew. Simply estimate the preperation time, calculate that by your hourly price then tack on your mulch price x 7 cubic yards. <br>Hope that helps.<br>chris H
  3. cjcland

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    420.00<br>50/yard + 10/yard for edging<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
  4. landscaper

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    good.... im in the ball park, i figured i would charge 440 with edging.... only 45 minutes of edging and weeding! im getting mulh for 20 a yard cause i no the guys who i get it from... its reg 28 a yard. im charing 60 a yard installed.
  5. steveair

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    I just did a bid for about 9000 sq ft of mulch and 900 ft. of edging. I figured in the range of 40-45 yards of mulch at around 2 inch depth. The beds are already mulched and not to bad. Most of the beds are on a steep hill, a real back breaker, and the ground is poop, so edging is almost useless (all rock, no matter what you do, the edge still looks the same). There were basically no weeds in the beds.<p>I priced the job at 2300 and was told I was way more than the other guy. It didn't bother me, because i didn't really want the job, but it did spark my interest. Mulch pricing is difficult....<p>I was gonna buy the mulch at local supplier to the job (about 5 miles each way) for 16 a yard. I figured about 5 trips there and back and alsod about 35 total man hours. I know I could of done the job for much less, but most guys charge 60 a yard, so I thought I was actually cheap......<p>I guess not. I could care less, but it just crazy how some people price mulch out. <p>I know some guys get mulch in the range of 6 or 8 a yard, but still, they should be charging market price for it. I just hate muclh jobs. Too many low, LOW, lowballers out there.<p>steveair<br>

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