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  1. Novaowner

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    Hi, I need help with a couple of questions, first how much area will one yard of mulch cover?...I know from this website now that mulch is bought by yards. How deep do you guys lay the mulch? Thanks for your help.
  2. Mowgli

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    If you want it to be 2" thick, one yard of mulch should cover about 150sqfts.
    I normally spread 2" to 3" thick.
  3. tjsquickcuts

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    Make sure you clean out the beds really good.....Just starting out, all you need is a Pitch Fork or scoop shovel, a wheel barrow, and a grading rake.....Oh and a Tarp to either have it dump on site, or how ever you will be hauling it.....This will make life much easier.....Charge no less then 100% times the amount of what the Mulch cost....Good luck....
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  5. fiveoboy01

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    There's a good thread in the Maintenance and Renovation section of this forum that you can use to calculate how much mulch you need.

    And yeah, double your cost per yard installed. Maybe a bit more even, depending on what you pay for it.
  6. Novaowner

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    Thanks all!! Some good info. I'm getting excited thinking about beginning this year!
  7. lawnmaniac883

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    What I do for mulch is go out, measure, then come back and put the numbers together. Calculate the area of the beds LXW then I use the online mulch calculator to figure approx. how many yds i will need. Remember for estimates that your actual material cost WILL differ make that clear to the customer because mulching is fairly subjective in terms of depth and exact measurements are difficult to come by.

    Dont forget to figure in your cost for delivery and fuel related expenses. My last mulch job was pine bark nuggets, 6 yards, 150 in materials, 3 trips to supply yard and back, charged 425$$$ Dont be shy to ask for what you need to make off of the job money wise. Good luck

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