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  1. manningslc

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    How long on average would it take one guy to lay about 100 bags of mulch?
  2. Kate Butler

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    Averages are hard - are there many plants in the area requiring the mulch?? Lots of plants will make it take lots longer. Wide open spaces will take much less time. Mulch thickness will affect the times also: thick is less sq.ft. to cover and corresponding faster spreading time.

    Up here, a pallet is 60 bags - so you're looking at almost two pallets of product. I'd think it would take almost as long to open 'em up and dispose of 'em when empty (the one at a time aspect) as it would take to spread one.

    I spread one pallet of compost (much heavier than mulch) recently and it took about 45 minutes.
  3. Sweet Tater

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    If I may add another question about mulching.
    How deep does mulch have to be to prvent weeds, completly preferble or at least longer than a week.
  4. tomgolfs44

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    You can't prevent weeds with mulch...only slow them down. How long it is until they show through 2-4 inches of mulch usually depends mostly upon how you clean the bed prior to installing the new mulch. Cheapo line trim all the weeds down method and install- not long before weeds peek through. Remove weeds by the root before installing new mulch- much longer period of time...but dependent upon a lot of factors.
  5. Jordan River

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    I line trim bed, spray a surficant, come back a few days later, spray again, lay down the mulch at least 4" but try to go 6", then water the mulch in so it will "harden". This prevents weeds coming up from earth beneath. The weeds you see after that usually germinate from seeds which made their way into the bed after you've mulched. Those are easy to pull or spot spray. Also, seems like it would be less expensive to buy your mulch by the yard?
  6. topsites

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    I did want to clarify this...

    A surfactant is a surface active agent, you really have to look this up, the technical explanation is something everyone should read at least once :laugh: If you're in the mood, go read all of this crap

    But here is the deal:
    With weed killers or any other chemical to be sprayed, we have three elements:
    First the chemical, these usually come in concentrated liquids or powder or granular form, and can not be applied directly.
    Second the water, which is mixed with the chemical, this now acts as the vehicle that carries the chem to the plant...
    As the solution is sprayed, the water/chemical attaches itself to the plant, once the water dries what is left is the chemical, hence why water is the vehicle.

    So far so good, until we run into water-repellent plants, leaves or stems where water simply runs off, these frustrate the effort.

    So we have our third and final element, the surfactant. Fancy Wikipedia and chemistry explanations aside, in short the surfactant softens the water, much like soap would, so it adheres better to the water-repellent plant.

    So what we're telling you is spray the area with round-up :laugh:
    And yes, mulch by the yard would be better, me thinks as well.

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