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  1. Espacesverts

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    I am going to bid on 3 mid size and 1 small contract. They want me to mulch the grass...but I don't have big engines on my mower. Is a 23 hp 52" mower could be enough or I should have a big block engine? The lawn will be mow every week and no fertilizer are applicate on the lawn. If 23 hp is not enough, How much should be enough?

    P.S. Is diesel better than gas to mulch?

  2. RGM

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    What kind of mower do you have
  3. TomberLawn

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    I've got 21 hp with 48" and it mulches pretty good. I don't have a chute cover to make it really a mulching deck, but with Gator blades and my grass catcher full, it's about the same effect. I had the catcher on for leaves, so they probably took a little more power than just grass, but 23 with a 52" should do pretty good for weekly mulching. A diesel will certainly have more torque and won't bog down.
  4. echeandia

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    Toro uses that same engine on a Dingo. I think it has enough power to use for mulching a lawn.

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