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  1. ReddensLawnCare

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    85 dyed, 70 double ground natural. Prep and edging extra. Do around 200 yrds per year
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  2. KnK

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    Ive seen 50-100 per yard here installed, the nationals on the low end and the private smaller companies on the high end, i am in the middle with 80 per yard installed, includes edging with bed redefiner, extra charge for removing old mulch, shrub trimming , average size job is 8-12 yards, upper end residentials mostly,im in western PA, i dont get all my bids, but i would say about 75% at that price
  3. Amazing Earth Landscapes

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    Here people are from 80-125. The lower end are the solo guys and the big corporations are up high. I'm right in the middle.
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  4. weeze

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    you can get a yard of mulch for $25 here at this one place.

    the other place is $40 a yard and it's not any better in quality.

    i could put down a yard of mulch in 30min or less by myself so my price would be around $50-$75 a yard.
  5. TFLE

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    Holy cow my prices are way off apparently... I get mulch for under 20 bucks a yard ($18 actually), this is good stuff, double cut bark mulch. Everyone that sells mulch in our area buys the same mulch from this place, I buy in bulk 5 yards at a time to get that price, usually pick up 10 at a time because that's what my truck holds. Single yards are $23 I think(with landscaper discount). I usually just charge material (retail $28.00 x 2 = $56) So $56 per yard, $35 delivery and every delivery after 10 yds $25. My bed prep and edging are extra and not built into the cost. So if somebody wants a 10 yd job done with no prep, just laying mulch it's about 600 bucks. I make approx 400 dollars. Usually go through at least 100 yds of mulch a year, but only landscape one day a week.
  6. TFLE

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    I'm around the altoona area so It looks like we're in the same ballpark. I guess if you add in the prep and edging and delivery ect. it would be around 75 a yard for me too. I just don't like to lump everything together, I think my customers would freak out if I just told them 75 per yard when they know a yard costs retail 28.

    So my question to people that have "all inclusive" pricing are you really getting 80-100 bucks a yard even if there is no prep and edging?
  7. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    Yes. But we don't do a LOT of mulch and have to pay $39/yd locally. Add up the time it takes your employee to drive to the supplier, get loaded up, drive to the customer, unload and spread and then drive back. Add materials and truck (fuel and replacement costs). Not something we really enjoy either, so ya, we'll get little over $100.
  8. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    I checked prices at a "homeowner friendly" mom and pop nursery. El cheapo bagged cypress was $4.59 a bag. That's apprx $65 a yard just to buy it.

    So, for just a few dollars more a yard they don't even have to do anything.
  9. lego

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    TFLE I haven't had anyone freak out in this area when I tell them 70-100

    I tell them that the price includes weed removal, spray, bed-redefine, and spread. I just cover the old mulch unless they ask. It's 2013 , everything else has gone up in price, so has landscaping. If it is a customer I mow on the regular I charge them a lower price per yard. If the job is 5+ yards I give them a discount. But people that call and just want one time mulch delivered I normally tell them $90 per yard for cleanup and installation. I have not lost one mulch job this year either. I keep to my schedule, good quality of work, and customer service makes the price worth it. Once I pay the mulch, my guys, gas, wear and tear on the truck, postage to mail out the invoice, etc. etc. have to make money man.
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    Up here mulch is more expensive, about $50.00 a yard. I charge $160 for the first yard and $120 for each additional yard. The properties I service are small, most only take 1-2 yards. 4 yards would be a big job, lol, in terms of garden size. I tell customers that all they are paying for is labour because to get 1 yard delivered to your driveway is 100-110 bucks, and around here they sell these large 1 cubic yard bags that can be delivered but they are about 160 delivered. Homeowners like them because they can poke away at it but not have a huge pile messing up their driveway, lol. My prices are average for the area.

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