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Ok i'm 16 just got my first vehicle and have only been in buissness aobut two years in my neighborhood. I have a question i now have my vehicle and have started to expand and i want to do mulch. When are the best times to do mulch how thick and how many times a year?

I have another question for vetrans of the buissness. Are Apartment Complexes a big money maker and what would you bid on an average apartment complex with about 20 apartments?
All input is welcome and in advance thanks for a ll the help and tips.


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Memphis, TN
At your age you better keep away from comm'l stuff. Mainly because you are not old enough to enter into contract with them.
Some are good, some are bad. The only ones that will hire a 16 yr old will be the bad ones that will take you to the cleaners.

Mulch can be done any time of year. I usually do them mainly in Feb.