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    I have a Toro w/b that I am a using a mulch kit with gators on it. Even when the grass isnt tall I have to cut twice. If I take the kit off then cut the grass and weeds get cut good. I try to use the mulch kit most of the time for the striping and time that I dont have to use to blow walkways and parking lot in my apartment complexes, but it looks bad if I dont double cut. Any suggestions

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    Have you tryed the Toro recycler blades. I run them with my 36 and mulch kit and it works well. Seems that the grass is very thick this year because of the rain but I am cutting 1 time with the mulch kit and I have to double cut the stuff that I am discharging out from the Z (no kit). If that alone does not work try slowing down a little. You will have to decide which is faster-cutting once slow or double cutting, both at a fast rate. Hope this helps.
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    I dont have the toro but am running a Exmark 36 hp with a mulch kit and it works great. The only time that i need to double cut is if the grass is around 6 inches or taller but it still works out better then having to bag those types of lawns.

    The exmark mulching blades are shaped very weird and a pain to sharpen. I tried running gators alone with the mulching kit but had alot more blowout then with the exmark mulching blades. Also tried running doubles, mulching blade on bottom and gator on top but man was that alot of blowout from the front of the deck. It did have a great cut though.
    If you can deal with the blowout then you might want to try the toro recycler blades and gators together and see how that combo does.

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