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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AGG Lawn Maintenance, Feb 27, 2002.

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    Does anyone have 2 or more shops? If so let me know the pros and cons. I was thinking about opening up another shop in a different county. The drive time from my current shop would be about 45 min. to an hour each way. We advertise in a local paper and get several calls from the next county over. I also have customers who have friends and family in that county. I hate to turn down all that work. I just can't see paying 2-3 guys $$$ an hour to sit in the truck. Storage it not a problem I have friend down that way who have land/garages.
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    I too am curious about this. My business plan is going to have multiple different locations out of state and I am concerned with how to manage.

    Good question.

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    how about two crews one at each location, and u drive around and supervise :)
  4. If you have the equipment and since storage is not an issue what's the problem?

    I would just make sure that someone is maintaining the equipment and insuring quality control at your satellite location.

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