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My business has approx 40 high end residential customers where we take care of their pool, lawn, pressure cleaning, window cleaning etc. I am looking for some software that can handle multi-services with varying frequencies for each of the properties.

Before I contact the sales dept. could you confirm that Clip can handle my business model and how does it perform relative to e.g. Gopher and Lawn Monkey.

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Yes, I can confirm that CLIP can handle all of that and more.

There are close to 10,000 companies using CLIP, many of them are in the very industries that do the jobs you specified. Because of this we have every confidence that we can automate your business.

I don't think this is the place to put out differences between the software. We would be happy to discuss this with you on the phone if you call 800-635-8485. We encourage you to get all of the information you can because the real cost of software is not the initial price but rather the amount of time you spend setting it up. You will spend X number of hours setting any system up and if you find out that you spent those hours on software that doesn't quite do what you need it to do, it will be completely wasted.

When comparing software, make sure you talk to people that use it, make sure that you get some statistics from them, how many years in business, how many active customers, how many people on staff to help you.... things like that. There are many programmers that have an idea, program an application and then try to sell it, finding out later on that it is a real business with real costs and then they drop out and you are left holding a piece of non-supported software. It is not that dissimilar to the guy who buys a lawn mower, thinking he can make it big in the lawn business and under-cuts you for a year or so until he figures out that he can't make it and goes back to doing something else.

We are happy to help you with whatever you need. Let us know.

David Tucker
CLIP Software