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Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by Kraw, Mar 2, 2007.

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    hi, I'm looking at purchasing a TBC-230SF for my home. Back in high school and some college, I did yardwork with a small company. We used Robins. (thought I would throw that out there to "fit in" :D )

    I was down at my local Echo dealer and was about to leave and saw the Tanaka's hanging up. I asked him about them. He went on to tell me how great they were and that he owned one etc etc. The reason I was looking at Echo's was because everyone seems to love them, and they have that 5 year warranty. Well, we told me that the Tanaka's have 3 year home owners warranty. I can't find that anywhere on the site or in the catalog. Was he just mistaken?

    Also, is there any plans on making a multi-task blower attachment?

    Thanks. I'll probably be picking mine up soon. I have a 1.7 acre yard and not a whole lot of trimming to do.
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    The warranty for homeowners is two years. No plans for the blower attachment at this time.


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