Multi-Tool: Kawasaki or Maruyama?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by DavidNJ, May 25, 2011.

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    For starters, if all things were equal, I'd pick the Stihl. However, I REALLY want the scissor blade--called Twin Turbo on the Kawasaki and Landscape on the Maruyama. The only equivalent is the Reciprocator on the RedMax, but that isn't a multi-tool.

    Plus's for the Kawasaki (
    Cheaper, not sure how much yet
    Has a 3' extension for the pole pruner and hedge trimmer.

    Other Kawasaki notes:
    26.3 cc, no power rating, 8.8# for the power unit.
    Hedge trimmer seems to be 20", not clearly specified.
    No rotary sweeper

    Plus's for the Maruyama (
    30cc, which also turns out to be their lightest
    12.1# for the power head with standard string trimmer; that is lighter than many 23cc units.
    Hedge trimmer is 24"
    Rotary sweeper with a variety of different wheels (flaps standard) available
    5 year commercial warranty. I'm not commercial, but that implies it is made to go the distance.

    Other Maruyama notes:
    Dealer network? Not in NJ yet!
    Although they have longer units available in other markets, the pole pruner is only 2.5' and a pole extension doesn't seem to be available
    The power unit is ONLY available with a string trimmer, which I wouldn't really need. I need to trim around trees and shrubs, and really prefer the blade rather than the string.

    These two systems seem to have the same accessories. Are they interchangeable? If so, some of the accessory 'issues' disappear. No one seems to know.

    Thanks for you advice,


    I'll probably have this for 10+ years, so $100 one way or another isn't as important as having a machine that vibrates less and has the attachments I need.
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  2. DavidNJ

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    Some updates.

    Apparently Maruyama has an is just not on the price list. The cost configured with 26cc power heads, the two brands are within a few dollars. However, in detail the Maruyama looks to be a bit better (although my information may be in error) The 5 year commercial warranty may be an indicator of that.

    In addition it offers the sweeper and the longer 24" hedge trimmer.

    In practice, I'll spring for the 30cc Maruyama which unfortunately requires the string trimmer. It adds about $180 to the total, half being the string trimmer. Without a catalytic converter, it is lighter than the 26cc units.
  3. DavidNJ

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    I went with the 30cc Maruyama. Lots of power. The landscape blade works as advertised, right up to a three without cutting into it. I'll make a short video when I get a chance. The 30cc, rated at 1.7hp, may be a bit of overkill for the landscape blade.
  4. greendoctor

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    Don't you just love the almost reel mower quality cut of the landscape blade? The other factor is what a safe machine this is to use. No flying rocks or dirt. At home, I remember trimming my lawn while my neighbor's highly customized VW Jetta was parked next to it. No rocks or dirt was on his car and that is a good thing. He is a nice guy, but is about 6" 240 lbs and lives under a barbell. Back on topic. Did you also get the edger attachment for the Maruyama? A lawn edged with a rigid blade looks way different from one where the driveway and sidewalks are trimmed with the string head oriented vertically.
  5. DavidNJ

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    I have a lot of accessories! The cultivator, especially with the 30cc 1.7hp engine, works very well. A tool that used all the power.

    The sweeper also worked well.

    I haven't tried the pruner yet and the edger wasn't in stock, they are sending it next week.

    However, the edger is the only tool in the set without a straight solid steel shaft; it has a curved cable shaft. And it stalled repeatedly when I tried to use it.

    There is probably something out of adjustment. The engine should have more than enough power; it was trying to cut a thin straight line where the cultivator makes a nice wide path in the same soil without stalling.

    Overall, I'm impressed so far and strongly recommend the Maruyama and probably the Kawasaki because of the counter-rotating scissor blade (Landscape blade on the Maruyama and Twin Turbo blade on the Kawasaki). As a standalone tool, the RedMax Reciprocator is probably similar.
  6. greendoctor

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    The Redmax Reciprocator is what I used to use. No comparison in terms of performance. For one thing, the Redmax is slow compared to the Maruyama or Kawasaki. The edger will have to be eased into the cutting depth gradually and the first time an edge is cut is the worst. Especially if the lawn has only seen string.
  7. DavidNJ

    DavidNJ LawnSite Senior Member
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    I got into some tall grass...the speed really cleaned out the blades fast. Just a partial blip of the throttle. My guess is the landscape blade would work fine with the 23cc engine.

    However, that seems pretty self defeating with the edger...multiple passes when the cultivator eats through the same stuff? Would a straight, solid, shaft--like every other Maruyama attachment--have the same problem?
  8. greendoctor

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    I think it is also a matter of technique with the edger. I bring the engine up to full throttle before lowering the blade. Then I proceed forward slowly. I do keep in mind that the traditional edger had a 3-5 HP horizontal shaft 4 cycle engine.

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