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I was looking at one of those trimmers that has the split shaft so you can use multiple attachments. Do any of you use them? How do they compared to individual units. My neighbor is a Stihl dealer and usually give me about 10-20% off stuff I buy from him. Just wondering if any of you use them and how durable they are.


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I found it a pain in the as* to have to switch attachments. if i need more than one attachment per site, then have to switch back at the next one, so i dont use very much


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A few years ago I had a split shaft that I used for trimming 90% of the time. I found that it vibrated alot more than a normal trimmer. It was giving me carpal tunnel syndrome. This was no good. The pain would keep me up at night and was always nagging even when just watching tv and stuff. I finally just switched back to a regular trimmer and took the engine off and put on a old trimmer after the original engine wore out.

That was a few years back I'm not sure that they still vibrate that much, but its not for me.
I run stihl KM110's. I purchased two motors in case one went down I would keep right on working, Have 2 FS Line Trimmer Attachments, a FCS Straight Edger Attachment and a Adj. Hedge Trimmer Attachment. I don't use the hedge trimmer all the time so I usualy have a line trimmer and edger attachments on the motors. Takes about 30 sec. to change, lots of low end power. Would purchase it again in a heart beat.

I asked the same thing before I purchased mine and didn't get the responce you have so far. Hope this helps.

Good luck, littlenic

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I bought a Stihl split shaft last year,and with it I got a power broom ,90 degree hedge trimmer ,sidewalk edger and a string trimmer attachment and love it,Power broom is great for sweeping stones and gravel out of yards in the spring,No more marathon raking those puppies out,And not much need for the step ladder with the hedge trimmer attachment anymore.My normal use string trimmers are curved shafts but the straight shaft attachment is great for large trimming jobs with tall grass or weeds.I would recommend it highly,Cost close to $1000.00 with attachments.


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I run a Deere split boom trimmer (XT140SB). Don't really know why I got the split boom because I have never put another attchment on it, but it is nice to know I can. As far as ill effets, no complaints. No abnormal vibration, in fact it is very smooth and powerful. However, I do wish Deere made a powerbroom attachment for it. Do you guys know if Sthil or Shindaiwa attachments would interchange with Deere?


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I bought a couple of the Stihl split shafts last summer. They work great for me. I especially like the articulating hedge trimmer attachment. The added length makes it possible to trim almost any hedge without using a ladder, awesome. I saved alittle $$$ by getting the model with a flexible drive shaft although the dealer didn't recommend using it with the hedge trimmer no problems and I put in around 100hrs on bushes and hedges with it. Edger worked fine also but my clients don't really desire that service so it didn't see a lot of use. Of course string trimmer worked fine, just need to train my guy not to drag it on the ground so much, he wore the head completely down.

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I will be buying the Shindiawa M2500 multi tool......soon. I will use it for the stick edger (does not get used that much) and as my back-up string trimmer. I am solo so once I get through the spring edging I will probably leave the string trimmer on it most of the time.


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