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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LonniesLawns, Feb 5, 2008.

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    How is the best way to setup multiple domains for the best seo?

    Here is the situation. My main website is

    However, I also own and I got the shorter names to use as display advertising to keep things short.

    Should I do a simple url redirect? A phantom redirect? Build a completely mirrored site? Build seperate content page that links to my main site?

    Help would be appreciated.
  2. qwerty

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    If you have the time and energy, building separate content for each and cross promoting the sites could be a good way to increase page ranking.

    One could be a blog, another your service site, and the other could be a redirect.

    However, two issues come to my mind:
    1. How will these domains be used to build a (single) brand image without confusing your clients and prospects?
    2. Be careful about double posting the same content or abusing "link farms" which are just a bunch of domains that link to each other as search engines might penalize you for them.
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    ;) :confused: Please explain the how and why or provide links for info on this.

    I was planning on using a sinmular approcah using short and sweet dot coms in newspaper ads and having it forward to my main site with the specified service listed.
  4. qwerty

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    Early search engine algorithms were susceptible (and may still be) to link farms, but
    The quote is taken from Wikipedia.

    You could also take a look at this post about double content. Google has been known to un-index multiple sites that link back to a main site if the owner does not use a 301 redirect which tells search engines that they are all the same site.

    The point is, you can use multiple domains that appropriately redirect to one domain although this has little effect on page ranking, but if you just wanted the domains and one main site you can do it.

    If you plan to make use of the domains by creating quality content, then you can use these "mini" sites to promote each other or to promote your main site. However, just copying pages from one site to another is not only useless to your prospects it can be perceived by search engines as less than relevant and therefore ignored or worse un-indexed.
  5. LonniesLawns

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    I think I may do each with a slightly different landsing page which then has links back to the content of the original page.

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