Multiple job discount for same customer

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Haulin' Grass, May 2, 2007.

  1. Haulin' Grass

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    I've got a customer that I've mowed for a long time and they need lawn repaired after an addition. The also want to extend a small wall(50 ft/1 ft high) along front of house. They had another bid come in $250-$300 cheaper(for lawn) than mine but I want this job so I tightened up the belt strap a little and matched it. I'm thinking of giving them my cost on the wall block and just charge them for material/labor on wall to seal the whole deal. They also plan on a border along drive that would be nice to pick up also. Have I lost my mind or just to damn hungry for more work:dizzy:
  2. forestfireguy

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    Some guys will tell you if they don't want to pay your price then they can walk. I say you did the right thing, keep the whole deal, because you give the other guy a chance to show them what he can do, and regardless of your quality of work he beats your price by 5 bucks a cut next season and you loose the mulch, mowing and that new design job they've been thinking about. Think of it another way, we all spend money advertising one way or another, anyone ever figure out how much they spend to acquire a new customer. I haven't but I'd bet it's probably as much or more than you would have made on 50 Sqfaceft. of wall block......I think you're lucky you got off so cheap. Good Business!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Haulin' Grass

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    Come on boys/girls no other input. Thanks for yours forestfireguy.
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    If you don;t have your time booked through next month then "Sell yourself busy". then get to the point where you can raise you rates and have plenty of work.

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