multipurpose split shaft trimmer?

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Does anyone use a split boom machine? I know stihl, echo, and redmax make one. I'm just curious if there are any recurring problems with the shaft or otherwise. I have a need for an edger, extended hedge trimmer, and a second weedeater. Just wondering if these machines are going to save me from buying 3 seperate machines.


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Have a Stihl 110 and love it, never had any trouble with it. But I also have dedicated equipment for each job if needed, just the stihl is so handy thats what usually gets used. BTW have and use all the attachments you described.


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I have a shindaiwa M2510. works really well. a very good edger and trimmer. exellent torque. only thing I don't like about the stihl 4 mix and shindaiwa hybrid, is that you have to adjust the cylinder gap every 125 hours.


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I purchased one of the first echo pas-260's when they first came out (the serial number is 00253 or something like that :) ) along with an edger , trimmer, and hedge clipper attachments, And besides an early carb problem that was replaced under warranty, I've had no problems with it. When I have the trimmer attachment on, its plenty light for lots of trimming. I would by one again in a heartbeat.


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I use a Echo split boom and love it. I have the trimmer head, edger, articulated hedge trimmer and the pruning saw. I use the hedge trimmer more than I use regular Echo hedge trimmer. Do not use edger but maybe a few times a year. The pruning saw is really nice also, has gotten alot of use as well.

What they all really need is a vac attachment like the Ryobi equipment. I use the heck out of a old Ryobi commercial split boom just for the vac attachment. I have had so many other LCO's watch me use this thing, then eventually come ask me how it works and watch at a little closer view. For cleanups it is a real handy tool, just maybe not heavy made enough. I usually get about 2-3 seasons out of the vac attachment.

I love multi-purpose tools, more bang for the buck!

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I have the Echo PAS-2601 which is several years old and it works great. I have the edger, articulating hedge clipper, pole pruner and broom attachments.

I would stay away from the Stihl and Shiny if I were you. They are the new 4 mix engines that require a lot more maintenance and are heavier...A LOT more expensive as well..

Good luck!


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I just bought a ECHO srm 260 with the trimmer, edger and power broom. I love it. But that power broom is heavy. But man it works great. I am buying nothing but split shafts from now on.

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Probably depends a little on size of your company. We (I) started out with the split-boom Echo. Been very reliable. It just got to the point where it was more efficient to have dedicated units instead of switching out on the job-site. Stick edger, power broom, extended pole trimmers, string trimmers, extended pole pruners. Quicker to have all of them independent. Sometimes you would have to switch back and forth on the same job, that's just stupid to me. We no longer have guys standing around waiting for attachments. More efficient for us now.

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