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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flyboy03, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. flyboy03

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    is there such an animal? i am looking for a professional quality forestry brushcutter and clearing saw with interchangable attachments, like hedge trimmer, pole pruner, etc. not sure where to start looking. i surrender*trucewhiteflag*
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  3. saw man

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    Not sure those will fit the bill of a forestry brushcutter.

    Get seperate units, if the powerhead goes out you are out of all your tools.

    When you say you want a forestry brushcutter I think of a 40cc+ model, I dont think there is such a unit out that will doo all of those.
  4. cbmoore

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    Husquvarna makes a split shaft trimmer 326 LDX with several different attachments. Trimmer head, pole saw, hedge trimmers, etc..
    I have the three attachments and love them. You can a brush cutter blade, but it may not have enough power for heavy brush.
    Brian Moore
  5. Sammy

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    Stihl ..... The One.
  6. pugs

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    The Tanaka split shaft may not be the way to go...but you may want to look into some of the larger Tanaka weedwhackers/brushcutters. They can use all of the original tanaka attachments...pole saw, hedge trimmer, tiller and they may have a power broom for them now...not sure if that is only available for split shafts or what.

    That way you could get a much larger 340 or 430...I am unsure as to if the 600 is able to be used with any of the attachments. But that gives you a 32cc and 40cc option...possibly a 47cc.

    The only attachment that you cant use with the larger models is the edger...that one is only for the split shafts as far as I know.
  7. Ron's Lawncare

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    the echo pas260 has plenty of power to run all the attachments.

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