Multnomuh Falls

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jan 11, 2007.

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    On our recent vacation up north the wife and I stopped to see Multnomuh Falls in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon on our way up to Yakima, WA. Neither of us had ever visted the falls during this time of year with mist freezing to the rocks almost as soon as it was formed. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

    It was very cold and windy that day but I still had a couple of things jump out at me.

    First picture is a Rainbird QCV in a rock wall, presumably to wash off the walkways during warmer weather.

    Second picture is from the parking lot. Couldn't decide if this was a lateral line or some type of drain line.

    Multnomuh Falls Miscellaneous IV-01.jpg

    Multnomuh Falls Miscellaneous IV-02.jpg
  2. cush

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    No pics of the falls?
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    The second picture is a little tacky. i see that alot, beit washout or roots, lines get pushed up quite often. though black poly is a little less unsighty than PVC.

    the first one is rather interesting. while i would imagine there'd be a better place for the QVC, it's an unusual spot.

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    Glad to see you made it back.

    This is the problem we have with the stinking parks dept around here. I am assuming multnomah county is just like jackson county. Pays a huge amount on the landscaping but lacks budgeting the up keep. This is just like our library system. They built 8 brand new libraries 2 years ago and now they are shutting them down in april due to a lack of funds to keep them open. This is why our crappy govonor should have been fired. Too many state employees vote for their pocket book rather than what is good for the state.
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    where are the falls? i went on vacation and here's my pics. lol could of gone to the local mcdonalds and got pics like that.
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    All right smartasses. :laugh:

    Here's the falls.

    Multnomuh Falls IV-01.jpg

    Multnomuh Falls IV-02.jpg

    Multnomuh Falls IV-03.jpg

    Multnomuh Falls IV-04.jpg
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    Thats damn cool. I'll have to check that out next time I head south.

    Btw, Hayes, I ended up heading to Spokane on Saturday instead of Thursday, you know why, I'm glad everything is settled. What a way to end the year.

    Sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you and your boss (wife) :)
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    Great pics. Awsome wallpaper
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    That's quite all right Jon. Family is much more important as a priority.

    We'll be coming back up around May. The weather will be much better then and all the roads and passes will be easier to navigate. :)

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