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    i am always requested to plant mums this time of season, and i always do as i'm told payup . but the thing is, i always plant them in fresh soil, and properly water them afterwards. but afterwards when i drive by, it seems as thouh after the first major bloom of flowers, they look bare. any suggestion to keep these guys blooming? i have some in my yard that turned into little green bushes!
    i have a job this weekend, and i have to plant about (30) 6" pots, (ontop of every other thing going in the ground) and keep them looking top notch. :help:
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    you have to pinch back the buds until the 4th of July in pernial beds, makes the plant become fuller and have longer lasting blooms...dead head them and see if they come back with more late blooms....we put in 100 at a house the other day and it came out awesome!
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    Exactly! Mums look great, if they are deadheaded, but people tend to not take the time to deadhead them. If you do, you will be greatly rewareded.
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    Another tip about mums: buy field-grown plants, if possible. Greenhouse grown plants are generally already in bloom now. Field grown plants bloom later and, in most cases, will bloom up until Halloween.
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    Another tip:
    Buy mums in tight bud when you can,not in full bloom
    They last much longer


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