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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JML, Feb 5, 2002.

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    my local town is looking to have about 200 2'' caliper shade trees planted in a field. I figured i could use my skidsteer and get an auger attacthment. But how do you guys that do municpal planting work come up with prices. Do you still double the cost of the tree then add in overhead, profit, etc. Is it like municipal mowing contracts where someone usually gets the job for a an amount that its impossible to make money. I was just wondering before I started putting some time into the estimate. thanks

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    Also, remember that with many quasi government jobs you must have a security bond, or be bonded in some way, as well as have a hefty ins. policy. These things add to your costs. If you can't make money, don't take it, unless you have an ulterior profit such as advertising or future work. But what's the use if you can't pay your bills. Something else I thought of, if you have employees you might have to bid union wages, and this is where you can kick someone who has employees. Ask Paul, this is kind of his thing.
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    The fellow above is right.... most time you need to be bonded for town/gov. jobs. But i would look into it anyways, it seems like a good job. Most the time though, like you mentioned, the bid is awarded to some moron who has no clue and under bids and is making no money. But i would throw a bid in anyways, it will get your name out there and you never know, you may get it. As for how i would approach the job, i would get a mini-ex and dig the holes, and use your skid steer to move the trees and put them in the holes. We do it that way, and let me tell you, 200 trees we could probably do in (1) day at that rate. Good luck.
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    Tree pricing, here we have companies that plant street trees for next to nothing! Some prices are figured by the cost of the tree, adding in expected losses ( 3 to 10%) labor to install and handle the trees plus bonding and moblization. Don't expect to see a double the price of the tree plus labor to install as a winnning bid. you are starting to work wih volume now. Pricing is going to be all over the place depending on the specs written for the job.

    What are the Specs for it, how close are the trees to the street? Are you going to have to deal with utilities in the way? Traffic control? Lots of things to look at here.
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    paul, thats what i wanted to hear. see we do a lot of planting for residential and commercial clients were most the of the time the cost of the tree is doubled, but i figured the municipal work would be pretty much done for nothing.. thanks


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