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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by murray42, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Hi. I have a Murray riding mower with a 42 inch deck. My problem is on the left hand side of the deck i think the bearings in the jackshaft are going bad. When i engage the blades and when i disengage the blades the pulley and jackshaft make a clanking noise. What i need to know is how can i tell if the bearings are bad or if it may be something else? Also if the bearings are going bad can i cause more damage by continuing to mow?


  2. Americal Vet

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    Sounds like it could be bearings, and if so that system is sealed. It could also be other things, for example. A bad spindle, or a spindle that is loose or broken at one of the bolting points. It could also be that the shaft on the pulley is wearing out. If it is making that kind of racket, I would not run it.
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    Having been through all that with a Sears( Murray) years ago, It sounds like bearings. Most often when it starts making noise, the bearings are gone, and probably the jackshaft( you can pull it out and see if it is scored). When the bearings are gone you probably need to replace the entire spindle housing ( these used to be pot metal and are usually ruined when the bearings go).

    When one side goes, you should replace both or all three depending on deck, because the others will probablly not be far behind considering the small size and cheap bearings used.
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    Was the mower you were working with a 30" rear engine rider? Murray didn't make the front engine lawn mowers that Sears sold. Some of the rear engine riders and wheeled trimmers were Murray made units.
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    This was back in early 80's, a front engine 36" two blade lawn tractor type. I got replacement parts at local independent dealer and they were murray.

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