mushrooms in the lawn. what do you tell customers?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. inzane

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    we had some excessive rains last week so we are seeing some mushrooms here. big rounded top, low growing. how do i explain this to a customer who wants to know if i can spray for this? i thought there was no cure, they usually go away with a few dry days. thats pretty much what i've always said.. but still unsure if this is the best thing to tell a customer. most customers always seem to think there is a cure-all spray for anything.
    do fungicide treatments really do anything for this?
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    Salad time!
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    Get out the golf club...
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    don't sweat the little stuff.
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    That's a good one, been a while since I have heard that one and even longer since I have used my driver for that purpose.
    easy-lift guy
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    I get these big-ugly volleyball sized things around and under drip lines of trees on one property. If you allow them to reach full size, they burst open and omit a foul smelling ooze that attracts gnats. The odor is so foul that it can make you nauseous.

    It all depends on what species of mushroom it is. Some are normal and some are indicator's of Armillaria!...........shoestring fungus for hardwoods.
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    Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies or fungi that you have growing in your soil. And you really and truly do want the fungi in the soil as they help to create rich, humusy soil that your grass will just love.

    Mushrooms love carbon rich soil, meaning soil containing rotting wood, or wood chips, dried leaves, straw, etc.
    Simply knocking the mushrooms or chopping up with the mower is the best remedy.

    More info:
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    i love expalning this one to the customers... a common mushroom here in the red-dye mulch
    it is also called the ***** mushroom becuase of the shape and the white slime that drips around it
  9. garydale

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    I tell them it's a good sign for healthy soil.
    They are temporary and show all is well with the soil.

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