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Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms


LawnSite Member
I've got a few lawns with fast growing stubborn mushrooms. Any suggestions as how to evict these squatters??


LawnSite Senior Member
NE Ohio
Usually if you pick them off they won't come back. That's what we have done on the few that have had that problem. Just in case I put a little fertilizer down with higher nitrogen and I mixed in some lime too..



LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
In addition to Fairy Rings, various other mushrooms may appear in lawns, but not injure the grass. However, they may be unsightly and cause people to worry that children or pets may eat them. Some lawn mushrooms are poisonous to very poisonous, others are not poisonous There is no way to distinguish poisonous from non-poisonous except by correct identification as to genus and species.

There is no easy control for lawn mushrooms which appear whenever there is a protracted rainy period. These mushrooms grow on organic matter (including thatch) and decaying wood. Where possible, the removal of buried wooden scraps and old stumps will reduce greatly their food source and the number of mushrooms in future years. Mushrooms that do appear can be raked up and destroyed, minimizing danger to children or pets.

From North Dakota University web site on lawn diseases.