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    Potential customers turf is full of mushrooms. The turf is thin and very dry, but well shaded with mature poplar trees. It's been in the lower 90's for several weeks without rain, the property doesn't have irrigation and it has not been watered. The property is located below the sand dunes and the soil is pure blow sand with a ph of 7.9 The shrooms are small in size but very very thick maybe 500-1000 per 1k. If the customer accepts my bid I'll try to get a picture of it on Monday. Any idea what to do for the mushrooms?? My first app will be sulfur and a humic/fish slurry with beneficial microbes Any input would be appreciated :dizzy:
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    Do you golf? I hear a 7 iron works well.
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    Fairy ring or any mushroom is usually an indicator that there is wood buried below the turf. Could be construction debris or roots. Only real way to control it is to remove the wood. On the brighter side, mushrooms will usually not affect the quality of the turf. They are more of a nuisance than a threat. Knocking the mushrooms down with a rake or your lawnmower and allowing them to dry and wither should reduce any slip hazards in your lawn...c
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    Hi neighbor. :) One of my properties is very well irrigated and they are all over the place. I think he is trying to have a mosquito and mushroom farm on his property. He said he likes it when the grass and ground are squishy. :D

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    Now that's about as chemical free as it gets...LMAO...I could charge for it too payup

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    Tree roots...That's what it has to be, there are many large mature trees around the property, thanks
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    well at least one is dieing thats where the mushrooms are coming from roting roots
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    "Good Call Tree Dude" :waving:

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