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    I've been having a problem with mushrooms lately in the yard.. And more of them this morning, less than 24 hours after mowing. I water in the early mornings as people say to do to avoid disease and fungus problems. When I was watering in the evenings, i never had this problem.. Do I need to apply a fungicide or not worry about it? I have the common hybrid bermuda, and live in the hot and humid oven of Memphis,tn.
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    Mushrooms are a sign of biologically active soil- a good thing. What you are seeing is actually the "fruit" of the fungus growing in the soil- the fungus is busy breaking down organic matter in the soil, such as wood or decaying thatch (again, good). Most mushrooms are not harmful to grass.

    The most effective way to get rid of mushrooms is to eliminate the food source-- organic matter in the soil. One possibility is to de-thatch the lawn in the Fall (assuming thatch is the food source- it may also be feeding on decaying wood or other organic matter in the soil). Unless the mushrooms are damaging your turf (i.e. fairy ring) or present a real danger to children or pets, I would leave them be.
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    If your getting mushrooms, it might be too much water. I was getting them in the shade. I changed my watering to evenings myself, and cut back 10minutes in the shaded areas.

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    It very well could be too much water. I was watering about 40 min but up'd it to 1 hr every am, about 3 days a week. As long as its not a sign of disease or bad fungus, I'm ok with it. I'm ok anyway, its the better half that says something about it, and she hates things having to do with the yard!:dizzy:

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