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    Imagine my surprise when after a recent wet two days, one of my lawns looked as though it had suddenly become a mushroom farm. The front part of this guys lawn is rich and lush where the backside needs more watering and he's not one to do it. The backside is thinning out and I've told him more than once if he doesn't start watering he's going to be reseeding this fall. This lawn is in a new sub-division and gets no shade whats-so-ever. The lawn started as sod just 4 months ago. Where the heck are these mushrooms coming from and how can I get rid of them? They are taking up an area that is approximately 1500 square feet and they just plain look bad.
    It's a K31 Tall Fescue located 40 miles west of Kansas City, Mo. I am an avid user and believer in the Scott's 5 Step Program but have recently started buying "Sam's Choice" at Wal-Mart to cut costs.:help:

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    Use the SEARCH function and look for a nice long thread about "mushrooming" It's pretty good.

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