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  1. Marine03112

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    Does anyone do anything for them. I tell folks that the properties need to dry out and eventually they will go away. People are angry they have them lol. Only thing I can think of is spray some eagle to dry them out and charge accordingly. So much rain here in PA.
  2. WIgolfsuper

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    Aeration aeration aeration. Get the area to drain better and the dryness will come. I tell them to pick them and throw them out. Don't mow them. It will just spread them around. Fungicides will not have much success in controlling them. Sad thing is some customer think we brought them to their lawn. Good luck.
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  3. jc1

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    It’s a sign of organic material in the soil. Organic material in the soil is a good thing.
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  4. OP

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    Ya I tell the client that. Doesn’t work lol. People are nuts.
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Me thought OP was talking about magic mushrooms for a sec....
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  6. That Guy Gary

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    I've told people it's like trying to prevent mold without changing moisture and humidity. Of course I live in a desert so some of them actually ask for advice on changing their irrigation schedule. :laugh:

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, it's not like you'll lose their business to anyone reputable. Their neighbors and friends don't have a guy either. If they persist make them regret it. Warn them that the gnomes who live in them can hear you and you don't want to make them angry. They'll never ask again.
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  7. jonthepain

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    Lol you're a genius
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  8. hort101

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    Id tell them manual removal only
    Give price for you to removepayup
    They probably wont want to pay to pull and trash them

    So they can pull themselves and save some money:)

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