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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bicmudpuppy, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Ok guys mudpuppy has been offline more than on. I've scaned some of the threads, but this site has become busy enough that I can't keep up. BUT, I've got a few questions some of you might have some insite on.

    dirty, turbid water sources. I have a spinclean filter after the pumps, but I am getting a LOT of sediment in the lines. Everytime I take the system down to fix a "leak" of any kind, I have to clear and flush valves for days to get things to run right again. I clogged the screen on a 1" hose nozzle twice in 30 minutes the other day hand watering the banks of greens. Any suggestions for cleaner running using dirty lake water? BTW, this problem is going to get MUCH worse next year. They are going to start a $6million dollar dredging sometime late fall or early next spring.

    Next, I have a "lost" zone. (now that I have the new controller in, and a sequence that can be followed, a bank of 4 vih don't work). Any suggestions for locating the right wire in a wire bundle of 14 uf withOUT a toner? My toner reciever seems to be lost and replacing it at this time isn't an option. I would love to make this zone auto again instead of manually running it at 5am when I need to :)
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    For the wiring try a contact voltage tester you can get them at home depot in the electrical dept. In the electrical trade I believe it's called a tic tester (cost between $10-20). they are just a wand that we used to test wires before we cut into them, and to test them we ran them against our forearms that's how sensitive they are.

    Not sure what supply setup you have there at the course but check to see if your Y strainer has a manual flush valve on it if it does make it automatic and throw a controller on it.
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    Sound like your old screen may have a rip or is rusted out.
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    Rule #1: NEVER be without a toner when working on large systems.

    Rule #2: See Rule #1.


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