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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ICT Bill, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. ICT Bill

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    One of threads going on started talking about books, I get this question all of the time and would love to hear from a diversified group

    the ones I always say are:
    Dr. Elaine Ingham "a guide to compost tea"
    Jeff Lowenfels "teaming with microbes"
    NOFA " standards for organic land care"
    Paul Tukey: "The organic lawn care manual" boring read but great reference

    Please help me out with others, Paul Sachs I haven't read yet. I think Chip Osborne has one out
    He'll kill me if I don't mention Shep Ogden (he is our marketing guy) he has written 6 books on organics

    Come on jump in
  2. TMGL&L

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    I'll transfer the books from that convo sidetrack over here...

    cgaengineer said: "Rodale book on composting"

    Pro: "Malcom Beck the Secret Life of Compost"
  3. Prolawnservice

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    I second Jeff's book and the NOFA standards, I've tried three times to finish Tukeys book, boring is an understatement.

    Neil Kinsey Hands on agronomy
    Paul Sachs Edophos, and the other one about lawns, ecological lawn something I forget the name, both good reads though.
  4. TMGL&L

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    I just bought the agronomy book
  5. JDUtah

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  6. TMGL&L

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    rly? I thought jeffs book was overall better but much more boring than tukey's. At leasttukey's had a ton of pictures.:)
  7. Kiril

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    How about my book ......... Compost Does A Soil Good! ;)
  8. dishboy

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    Not a organic book but a excellent resource. Turfgrass management by Turgeon.
  9. ICT Bill

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    Too funny........:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    That is the title and content, 1 page, 1 sentence
  10. NattyLawn

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    Handbook of $uccsessful Ecological Lawn Care

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