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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LaurelLawns, May 28, 2005.

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    Last year I purchased a Exmark Metro 36". I have had minor complaints with the mower itself.

    Maintenance of your equipment is essential.

    I have just replaced the engine last October because my foreman did not properly maintain the oil level and the engine seized up.

    Today, unexpectedly, the mower is in the shop, and I would assume my foreman did not change the oil.

    Remember the mowers we operate cannot talk to us to let us know what is wrong or how they feel. We must set a schedule for maintaining our profitable machines or the machines will not be profitable.

    I was just asked this morning for a credit application for the purchase of another mower. Well, I guess my foreman might have a little setback. :realmad:
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    If it was your foremans fault TWICE that an engine seized up, I'd can him, ASAP.
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    Remember, Foremen that destroy two engines in a couple of months of useage lack the skills necessary to remain employed. You must fire his dumb ahs or you will not be profitable. :p :waving:

    Truthfully, maybe you should be mad at yourself as much as him. Is your foreman a complete moron, or is this more a lack of training him about the importance of such things as checking oil routinely? He could be great at cutting grass but a complete noob when it comes to maintaining equipment. I know a couple of guys that run crews and do a great job on the yard, but they are as worthless as a newborn if something dramatic like a slipped belt occured :rolleyes:. They are not mechanically enclined and have never been shown how to deal with mower issues whatsoever, so if they have an issue they just call and rely on someone else.

    If your foreman is just an idiot, fire him yesterday. If it's because no one has trained him... :blush:
  4. LaurelLawns

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    Service shop just verified proper maintenance has been done.

    There was a bolt that worked itself lose and the damage to fix has been adjusted to about $150.

    Engine has stopped, but only because the bolt would not let the engine turn over.

    Foreman is still employed but extremely knowledged NOW in proper maintenance.

    The cost has actually been about 4 hours of work. Accident related. Every belt has been replaced just to make sure and the blades are ready to cut.

    Relief for me.

    I thank everyone who has replied and everyone who was going to reply.

    Now back to work.

    Enjoy the Holiday. :blob3: :rolleyes:

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