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must read and help a brother out!!!


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I'm in a pickle. I have ran a landscape company for 10 yrs this june. I have always did landscaping installs, hydroseeding, grading, irrigation. This past year ( 09) I stated to mow. I started mowing because the contracts that I installed for required me to have a year maintance contract. So this is what I did, I had a Walk behind JD and then spring 09 I bought a zero turn. I have 5 commerical accounts. I want to add more. I have 3 residentals that I can pick up because of my dads friends. I want to put out a letter that is like a friend & family letter. " since we are serving your friends and Neighbors we would like to offer a savings for your 2010 lawn season" What kind of discounts do you offer on a 1 yr contract? I think that we will cut 32 times. I was thinking about offering a free irrigation start up for people that sign a 1yr.if the have one. Should I offer any other discounts on the mowing? ie, 2 weeks free? What does your spring/fall clean up run? I know irrigation prices,and the other aspects of my business. Just need alittle help.


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I didn't even read the whole thing and the word "free" caught my eye. Do not offer anything for free, you get nothing from it. Maybe offer a thing where if they get you a new account and they sign up for a year, then maybe offer $5 off the bill for every account they get you.
As for prices, out what the "norm" is in your area. In my area, is X amount and if you go 20 miles north, then it's triple that price.


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I agree. Don't sell yourself short. I offer Legion member and senior discounts. Both of which I check ID, I no longer take peoples word for it as I dropped one of my accounts mid year, as a 72 year old man lied to me about being a veteran - bad enough that his own wife told me. Anyway, a referral fee is the best you can get. Use 'free' word of mouth advertising to your advantage!


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If you have done landscape installs for the past 10 years (i'm assuming in the same city) you must have a book of names and numbers like no other. If you went down the list and called every single one of them I'm sure you could have 100 lawns a week in no time. People you will have as long as you take care of them. Forget chasing the discount crowd....they will shop you every year for a better price! I dont offer any discounts, I dont want to sell on the discount but I want to sell the service.

Hit all your old landscape installs.....