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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Gr grass n Hi tides, Apr 20, 2003.

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    This is my first year as a full-timer in the business, and I have learned a ton from all of the lawnsite members. Lots of good people out there who are willing to share.

    There are thousands of informational and very worthy threads on this site. There are are several in particular that I'd like to list here which I think could almost be considered prerequisite reading. If you take the time to check them out you will be very glad and enlightened. Key in the the following thread titles under the search button to take you there:

    (1) This industry needs a "Rebirth of Ethics" - this thread was originally posted by LawnLad.

    (2) How to win at the LCO game - originally posted by jimlewis.

    (3) TIPS, Do's and Don'ts tips for the new guy - originally posted by Eric ELM (this thread is currently, 4/20/2003, at the top of this section you are browsing).


    (5) Missing Calls - originally posted by kels; jimlewis has excellent input on this thread.

    If you are interested in getting input on a particular brand mower or other piece of equipment, use the search button to look it up first & see what everyone has to say. If your question still has not been answered post it and you will get the feedback you want. It's always better to give details of what research you have already done, what equipment you'll be using on a project, and what your goal is before you post a question. You'll get better feedback that way.

    Same goes for advertising, business contracts, insurance questions, and just about any other "piece" of the business you would like to put in place.

    Also, if you find a lawnsite member who you feel has particularly good advice to lend you can key in their name under the search button and look through their threads. As far as I'm concerned a couple of great members in addition to the ones listed above would be LAWNGODFATHER - who can answer most any question; bruces - who is a CPA and posts great information; Ric - who has great posts under the fert & pesticide section. There are many others. Too many for me to list here. Happy hunting :)

    Best wishes to you all in 2003 !!

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