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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by thepawnshop, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. thepawnshop

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    Okay....I have been trying out a Mustang MTL25, mainly because the price is right AND because of the MASSIVE cab (I recently had knee surgery and getting in and out of my Deere 322 is a bit difficult). I love the cab, the hand controls and the overall machine, but....the machine has absolutely no pushing power. Whenever I get into a pile or I try to back drag the tracks just spin. I don't have a pick of the tracks, but my JD CTL has more pushing power due to its ability to "grab" than this machine, which weighs 3,000 lbs more.

    Do you guys think this is an issue that can be rectified with aftermarket tracks or do you think it is a "machine" issue?

    Someone recently asked if I was done buying machines....not yet, Scag!
  2. Scag48

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    Never cease to amaze Doug. Hope you're recovering from the surgery well.

    From what I can tell, pushing power is what it is. While I think different tracks might help a little, nothing is going to make the thing 100% better pushing. There were days I wish I had a little more pushing power with our 277B, but that's how it goes sometimes. Have you looked at Case? Quit being a tightwad and spend the extra money on a machine, you know it'll pay off in the end. :drinkup:

    Buy my old man's truck while you're at it, I'll even deliver it!
  3. AWJ Services

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    Reverse the machines and we are in agreement.
    I just wrote a post the other day about how the JD would not push and the TL 140 would work circles around it and almost word for word it was identical too what you wrote.
  4. Tigerotor77W

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    :) Fun times, eh? Performance is a huge variable... but I still bleed Yellow!

    Anyhow -- Scag, the Case might work, but Case's cabs are pretty darn narrow... however, they do have a relatively large opening (vertically) that may make stepping in and out easier.

    Doug, try asking the dealer what its opinion is. As for a new machine -- i.e, another MTL25, and see if it behaves the same way. I think a component of the Takeuchis is that you really have to meter the levers pretty carefully -- the machines have the full ability to spin the tracks, but it's up to the operator to really just stroke the levers a little bit to ensure that the tracks don't spin out of control.
  5. Scag48

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    Oh sorry, I completely forgot about Takeuchi. Yet another to look at, AND they have pilots!
  6. ksss

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    Tigerotor is right the TK have pushing ability and there is no denying that you can spin the tracks in a TK. The sticks have to be moved in small increments. I have had it feel like one track has more power than the other. I think it comes down to how you manipulate the stick. Perhaps being used to a Deere that may not have been your first instinct. The demo would not push there maybe something not set right.
  7. minimax

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    Mustang's CTL's are a Takeuchi's with yellow paint!!

  8. Scag48

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    Something has to be different between Takeuchi and Mustang if one pushes well and the other one doesn't. I'm curious now. The motors are the same Yanmar, there has to be some sort of difference between electronics and/or power delivery.

    JDSKIDSTEER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Tach, Mustang, and Gehl all the same.
  10. thepawnshop

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    Perhaps it is operator trouble...I'm used to "yank-em" sticks and I am not "finessing" the controls. And JDSkIDSTEER is right...all three machines are exactly the same machine, just different color paint.

    I wasn't in the market for another machine, but it only has about 350 hours, it's a 2004 model, cab with heat and air and I think I can score it for 35k. THe same machine new would cost in the upper 50k range so I would save AT LEAST 20k...I don't see how I could go wrong...other than the fact that I can't get it to push friggen material!

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