My “equipment” and LS journey


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hello all. I have received SO MUCH help from members on this site wether it be directly answering my questions to reading threads on topics that I wanted as a thank you to those members and the overall LS community to share my “equipment” journey and LS journey.
Lengthy post to follow
Here we go:
As so many on this forum do, I came looking for mower suggestions / help. I’m a homeowner with an acre of turf and will continue to expand it till it’s approx 4 acres. There was even talk/thought of maybe part timing however that is now 100% dead (wife said NOPE and that was that......I have a good career and young kids so no more time for that for now at least).
When I thought my journey was done i selected a jd915e and ordered it (which was thousands less than I was originally going to spend and wow what a win). Well, canceled the order and very kind dealer gave me my non refundable deposit back THANK YOU!!.
I canceled because I realized I was too “involved” in the great mower debate. That the machine is a part of an entire circle and I was only focused on one part. From reading this site, watching videos on you tube, and just being a yard guy, I realized I want to be a part of the entire circle.
I wanted to learn more about my soil and turf and have equipment (I love equipment) to work in those areas also instead of just the best mower. And did i really need such an awesome mower, I don’t do this for a living.
So i decided to downgrade my mower selection to a liberty z and saved after taxes approx 3000 bucks (that’s my regions pricing diff) between the jd915e and scag liberty. Liberty isn’t awesome in the rain? Who cares, I don’t mow in the rain anyway. It’s slower? I love to mow, so it takes longer - awesome. I basically had to check myself. And it’ll last for an easy decade if not more. Im going to put approx 150 hours a year on it. I now have freed up funds to buy a utv skid sprayer with boom if I choose for biostimulants / liquid ferts/ applications or weed control around the property, etc and a very small arsenal of ferts and bio stimulants as well as a pull behind aerator. (Note. Just asked and learned about an area vator.....thank you for all help on that also, but I can’t justify that kind of money for personal use).
So in closing, thank you for all your help. And thanks for educating me that the soil and turf are just as important as the mower and can be just as much fun to work with. I have only started that journey on selecting a “program” and will take time. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll be safe but will overdue it I’m sure. I might join an online program to start. But whatever it is, I’ll be learning and moving forward above and beyond just the mower with some fun “equipment/toys” because I didn’t blow it all on the mower. I need to research skid sprayers and tow behind aerators. But I love that stuff. Onto the next episode and I’ll keep ya posted when it’s skid sprayer time what I purchased and what type of “program” I’ve selected. At this Point I have only ordered GCI’s bio pack and I’m excited to start there coupled with my regular granular fert. And we’ll see where this journey takes me. Thanks again to all and sorry I asked all those questions about mowers I didn’t end up buying. Appreciate u all.

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