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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CTB, Apr 9, 2003.

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    I apologize in advance for the legnth of the post. I also know this may not belong in this forum, however, it has a better chance of getting read here.

    Hello to everyone here at LawnSite. If you will notice, this is my first post. I have been "lurking" for awhile now, just enjoying and more importantly learning. I have not felt the need to add my $.02 because I know I have a lot to learn before I start giving people an opinion they can value. You don't get the respect Eric Elm had because you talk a lot. You get that respect because you lead by example, do better work and run your business better than most. I know what I need to work on (partly due to this site) and know I have some more examples to get under my belt before I can be more than respectable. I am legit, with insurance, license, worker’s comp, etc. in case anyone wanted to know, so to most standards, I am not a scrub, so I hope you will hear me out.

    I am not going to direct my thoughts toward any one particular person or group. I think most people could stand reading this. I apologize if you do not agree, but just my $.02.

    First, this whole thing about people getting irritated about conversations about scrubs, low balling, etc. is understandable, but I think people should look at it this way: You get out of something what you put into it. If you only add worthy comments that are meant to help and educate, you will (eventually) get that in response. And if you do not, I hear about the ignore list that each member can create, I would take advantage of it. Also, lead by example and do not participate in threads that have no value. Eventually the people who are here only to participate in threads of this type (no true value), will not have the option to talk to anyone but one another. Also, I don’t understand degrading people you don’t know. Just like every lawn is different, every situation is different and who are we to judge. Be an adult and move beyond some of the issues that should be below you and be glad you are better than that “scrub” - -

    I know that a lot of people come here for help. However, in order to get help that will actually help your business, I think some people need to look at figuring out their numbers a little better. My equipment and overhead are different from the next companies and as a result, I will probably not bid the same as most people. I would suggest that people go into better detail before just saying, I am bidding on a 4000 sq ft lawn, what would you bid? Well what commercial mowers do you have, what is your average man hour cost, is it on an established route, do you want to be in this area, are you just mowing or more, are there obstacles, etc? Give details, and then maybe you can get information that you can actually use. Again, this is not pointed at all or even most, but to those who get mad when they don’t get the answers they want.

    Next, to the younger people of the site, sometimes, it seems like you do not use this site as a learning tool as much as you should. I am not knocking any of you, because you are way ahead of the game and I am really impressed by your ideas, hard work and knowledge at a young age. However, sometimes I would suggest holding off on some comments. You don’t learn by talking (typing), you learn from reading, listening and doing. I am not saying I am right, however I think that after four years of running a business and making this my livelihood (and two others livelihood) that I have the ability to comment. Again, not that you don’t have respectable experiences, but it is understandable for some people to get frustrated about “kiddies” being on the site and giving advice, because you probably have never been in a situation where you had to make X amount of money because you have to live, eat, pay rent, pay your truck, insurance. Or worry about payday for your employees because you made the mistake of not having people sign contracts and pay by a certain date each month and as a result your accounts receivables are at 12,000 and you barely have enough money in the bank to pay employees….that is running a business. Again, you are ahead of the game, however, sometimes not saying anything at all, makes you that much more respectable. And that goes for everyone, young and old on the site.

    Lastly, I would like to reiterate the fact that you get what you put into something. I think this site is unbelievable and filled with a lot of great people but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t make it better. I think Sean and the other moderators seem to be working hard to improve it, and if we to use it as a tool that will help improve the industry, think about how the site could grow and improve. The “LawnSite Team” seems to be talking about making the site better and bringing more “stuff” and maybe more manufacturers, but if this is a site where people just knock one another down, why improve it, and why would anyone pay money to sponsor it? We are professionals, and we need to work to make sure everyone knows it.

    Again, just my $.02. I would like to thank the people that have contributed so much to this site, especially Eric Elm who seemed to be one of the best. I wish everyone a prosperous 2003 season - -
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    Good post CTB. Welcome to Lawnsite.
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    great post... welcome to the board.
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    Nice post...someone has their s*** together and can see that you get more out of listening than you do out of talking (or bragging for that matter).

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    Welcome to Lawnsite, that was a great post, it said everything in a very profesional way and not stepping on any ones toes. but anyways Welcome.:D

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    Great post. Nice way to say it.

    Hope those guys with big heads read this!
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    Nice $.02. Welcome aboard.
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    CTB - - Oh! Oh! So well said - Thanks
    Former Sponsor - If people would treat this site in an open minded way and really -I mean really look at their operation and their efficiency instead of beating on what they have had for the last 10 years and down grading other mower companies other than the brand they run (a lot of post degrade equipment even though the poster has never been on that equipment) This could be a very "Lets go forward and meet and beat the "low baller" - it really boils down to the fact that most do not mention the fact that the low baller may be making more per hr or acre than they do. Has anyone on this site actually asked a "low baller" what they were making.

    Has anyone asked a "low baller" if they were insured. I see a lot of comments about "They can't be insured, and maybe they are not, but has anyone asked?"

    Thanks, Brad
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    Geat Post Flex-deck; effeciency is the greatest tool to increase your money
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    Very well said CTB!!!

    Welcome Aboard!

    Now I have a 3 acre yard to mow, what should I charge??:D

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