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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PGA, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. PGA

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    Gotta question about my early and late spring pre-em apps and their rates.

    I will be applying Dim.19-0-6 0.10% 30PPSCU

    My first one will go down in late Feb or early March and the second in late April to early May.

    My question is do I use the split rates (2lbs per 1000) for these since Im doing 2 at such close times or do I use the normal rates (4.13 lbs per 1000) on both of them?

    I know you get better control if you use split apps so is that the reasoning 2 apps are done instead of one at normal rate?
  2. PGA

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  3. turfsurfer

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    I go about 4lb/1000 on each and use the 13-2-5 instead to keep the nitrogen lower.
  4. PGA

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    I appreciate the response but it doesnt answer my question.
  5. Nitroman

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    from indiana
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    I'm curious about this myself, I was under the impresion that one app. was good enough in Feb. or March?
  6. PGA

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    I guess nobody knows.
  7. turf hokie

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    This seems to answer the question. He, as I, use the 4lb rate for both applications. We just use a different analysis. I use the 13-2-5 30% on rd 1 and 19-0-6 50% on round two. Both at the rate that covers 12,500 sq ft.
  8. PGA

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    arent you spending more money if you use the higher rate? Will the results be that muuch better?
  9. garydale

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    The key is the amount of Dimension you need for control of crabgrass.

    We need .30% in Maryland, so we use .15% with 13-3-6 at Program #1 rate of 2.75 lbs per K on Rounds 1 and 2.(.15 plus .15 = .30)

    If you can get by with .10 dimension, split the applications. However I think you need .20 at a minimum. So, do two appls. at 4.13 lb rate to get .20 total.

    I find it's hard to get good spread pattern with less than 3 lbs of product per 1000.

    Hope I didn't just add to your confusion.
  10. TurfProSTL

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    Garydale is right, the amount of Dimension applied is the key.

    For many years, applicators here used single applications at .25 lb AIA per acre. That would be 5.7 lbs/1000 of your .1% Dimension product - too much nitrogen. The .1% is definitely a split-rate product.

    Lately, suppliers have been recommending .375 lb AIA here. One reason I'm sure is to sell more product, but I'm sure you would get excellent control at that rate. 2 apps at 4.3 lbs/1000.

    A more economical solution is a single app of a .13% Dimension at 4.4 lbs/1000 one time.....

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